DiGiacomo Medical Associates was founded in 1936 by Doctor William H. DiGiacomo. For over 50 years, he served Essex and Union counties building a practice based on a reputation of compassion, loyalty, and exceptional, state-of-the-art patient care. His disposition with his patients, instinctual ability to make a difficult diagnosis, and warm bedside manner elevated him to legendary status during his career. Unfortunately, his “old school” approach to medicine has largely been lost by today’s generation of physicians. All too often, today’s patient–physician relationships have been compromised by rushed interactions or a poor bedside manner. Doctors DiGiacomo are second- and third-generation physicians providing the same level of individual patient care that “Dr. Bill Senior” delivered over 50 years ago. Their relentless dedication to their patients, up-to-date knowledge of the most advanced techniques and options in current medicine, and approach to patient care has been passed down by Dr. Bill’s father and Dr. Scott’s grandfather. Their efforts have not gone unrecognized; as a result, both have received many awards based on their dedication, compassion, and excellent patient care.

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